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At MAYER-KUCKUK - Scientific Advisors, we strive to find, understand and communicate biomedical data extracted from from clinical and pre-clinical studies. We work for physicians, researchers, patients, and medical communication professionals. Orthopedic studies are our passion.


Physicians/Publications & Publication Training

The schedules of orthopedic surgeons are demanding. And yes, it is common that manuscripts pile up because there is simply little time to dedicate to them. This is where we come in: We use our experience to help complete and publish your manuscripts via an efficient work flow based on experience. Of course we are also happy to provide hand-on training to you and your team to efficiently produce high-quality publications.


Have you collected important, new data and plan on publishing in a high impact journal? We can add meaningful analyses, refine your manuscript  and provide experienced statisticians with orthopedic expertise.

We are talented communicators with a passion for sharing knowledge. Ask us to prepare your presentations, annotate your current presentations or adapt your presentations for English-speaking audiences.


Importantly, we are very conscious of the funding situation in hospitals, research centers and doctor's practices and hence offer reasonably priced services to this sector. Consult with us for free.


The sustainability and long-term success of academic departments heavily depends on extramural funding. We have profound experience in writing and securing grants from numerous funding sources and are available to apply our expertise to assist you in achieving funding. Our easy-to-use services are modular and range from comprehensive submissions to fundamental editing work. Grant writing services were scarce 20 years ago in the academic field, however, today, grant writing becomes a more professional task, and successful funding applications often involve dedicated grant writers. As not all institutions have grant writers on staff, orthopedic departments and medical schools often engage our expert services

Knee Implant Patients/Implant Reports

Movement of your knee joint results in pain. You have already been to a doctor, and a joint replacement has been advised. After much thought, you have finally made the decision to undergo a knee replacement.

Many patients in your situation ask themselves whether all artificial knee joints work the same, or if some may perform better than others, and how they should decide between doctors offering treatment with different implants. We now offer a patient-focused service independent of the healthcare system to answer such questions and guide patients to the best decision for themselves.

Medical Communication Professionals/Publications

We are one of only a few medical communication businesses world-wide that focus on orthopedics. Our work includes general orthopedics, musculo-skeletal injury, joint disease, metabolic and genetic bone disease, and cancer to the bone.

Working on manuscripts, posters, and slide decks, we proudly serve health and science communications agencies of various sizes.

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